Monday, February 2, 2009



The butterfly tattoo is a very simple yet beautiful tattoo that is for women, the majority of the time. This tattoo is usually pretty simple with a little colour and is a small icon of a butterfly that can be placed anywhere on the females body. The butterfly symbolizes beauty and happiness and is a very positive tattoo. This is a very common tattoo among females and a very good starter tattoo as well although there is a large amount of people who have a butterfly tattoo so it is not very unique.

The majority of the time, women favour to have their butterfly tattoo on the lower back although you may have the butterfly tattoo placed virtually anywhere (Within reason).

A spirtitual meaning about butterflies would be one of which that occurs in Greece. It was believed that a human soul was born every time a butterfly has emerged from its cocoon. Although in Ireland, butterflies are dead souls just waiting to go into purgatory. Also, in Asia, butterflies are symbols of joy and happiness.

Although, not every country can come to agreement of what the butterfly symbolizes, I think that we can verify that the butterfly tattoo is meant to symbol joy and happiness, and spiritually maybe as well as a human soul being born but that is a little far fetched.

Various Native American tribes also had specified ideas about butterflies like other countries did as well. The Blackfoot tribe believed that butterflies bring dreams, and the Zuni tribe feels that a white butterfly will predict the beginning of summer.

Although many women choose to get a butterfly tattoo because of what it symbolizes, butterflies also symbolize death and rebirth. Cause of this, a lot of women may choose a butterfly tattoo after going through a rough time during their life.

For a lot of women, a butterfly is basically a simple way of showing grace and peace. Also, many women feel a butterfly tattoo will let others know that they are a nature lover and are not harmful.

When women get butterfly tattoos, many times the opt the open-winged look of a butterfly. This look is very balanced and highlights the true beauty and highly detailed colour of the butterfly. Although, for purposes of keeping the tattoo unique, some women will choose a closed wing style butterfly. The closed wing style fits best on your shoulders or ankles while a open-winged style butterfly is typically located on the lower back of a women.